Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reincarnation : Blast from the past.

I had this wonderful stretched conversation with few of 2 Budi's students today (12th Aug, 09) that it really made my day. I started thinking of my life at school isn't as terrible as I deem it to be.

It started off on 15th of June, 09 where the four of us (me, Fazrina, Mahazawati and Noraidah) learnt the 'verdict' that us four would be assigned to the afternoon session. "Oh great. Just great". I remembered saying that 'chant' to myself repeatedly, aggrieved by the fact that I'd be served with the lower secondary tantrums and antics for the next 3 months. Easy to say, I was appalled. Gone was the dream of teaching serious literature to serious bunch. Along came the aptitude which I need to garner, invest and harvest in with the to-be students I was about to be 'endowed' with.

I remembered being such a nervous wreck on the first day (or week, so to speak) that I dreaded the unasked 'limelight' even for just a short while when the afternoon supervisor, Puan Rose Aliza announced that we introduced ourselves before the kids during my very first assembly in like, 7 years after leaving school. It was dreadful. I had this 'thing' with microphone that I don't actually fancy. Well the truth is, I hate how my voice sounds and the feeling just gets worse when I am talking through the mic. Needless to say, with all the pairs of eyes staring and peering at the then-stranger me, I didn't have the courage to look at them with poise and ease. Instead, the whole experience was a flop that I simply wished it didn't happen.

Sadly, it did.

I remembered being assigned to my very first relief class of 2 Gigih and how the experience was daunting. I remembered how they were displaying their usual antics and how awkward I felt of the 'culture shock'. Yeap, to quote from the conversation I had had with them students earlier today, I was one of those so-called top class students (the class, not me) and therefore, I hadn't really had genuine experience of mingling and interacting with the boisterous kind. I was appalled, choked, asphyxiated - you name it, I had it. Thing is, I also has this ever-problem of adjusting my volume of voice to fit the surrounding. Truth be told, I am not really a chatterbox kind of person and that I am really a taciturn back at home.

So when nature called for the 'Ooo-of-the-Tarzan', I realized that I had raised the white flag wayy earlier before the battle.

Score: 1 - 0.

As I picked up the pace, a 'tragedy' hit me when I became the victim of snatch-theft just the 2nd week of practicum. Yea I became 'popular' alright. Ahh..the unwanted attention I never ask for. Classic. Once 'popular', always 'popular' they say? I wish.

The 'bloody' incident took place along the pedestrian walkway nearby the Kompleks Belia Shah Alam and it just had to be when I was rushing to make ends meet (or to arrive on time). There were two things that had shaken off all the suspicion altogether over the then potential snatchers.

Numero uno (number one) : The snatcher, who sat beside the driver's seat walked out of the car to 'act' his lines.

Number two : There was a student not far behind me, so I wasn't exactly alone with the ill-behaved civilian.

Long story cut short, the whole act of asking for direction to Section 11 ended abruptly when those idiots mistook my carrying bag to contain a laptop when there wasn't any at the time. I was aghast, in shock and disbelief over the totally unexpected turn of event which started off with my intention on being a good Samaritan. Though the physical loss were puny, it was the heart that was shaken that it gave me rather a slight trauma to walk by the walkway for quite a time. Then again, life has to go on.

I guess that's it for now. The first two weeks of practicum considered covered. Till next time, observe the grammar, y'all!