Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's early in the morning and I was woken up by the sting on my feet from the mosquito bites, only to find that SOMEHOW, I had slept enough to be awakened relatively fresh and relaxed. That's nice.

It's Thursday today. 2 days (including the yet-to-end today) more to wrap up the teaching this week and looking forward to the Applied Linguistics class in Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, UM.

What's on the menu for today?

I'm thinking of Nasi Ayam Blok C for lunch (Yummeh! Thanx Tatie for reminding me!). I have been poorly feeding myself for lunch due to the hectic, insane tantrums thrown by the students (which I am not fond of) and now it's time to SPOONFEED the dear me.

Not to mention, the uber happiness of seeing the bank account somewhat replenished again, after VERY FEW zeros and very few money. I had better treat myself indulgently today!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

(Everything Happens For) A Reason.

Call me orthodox, traditional or even outdated. I still believe that everything happens for a reason.

Like, when I bought the How to Teach English book by Jeremy Harmer at MYR 32, considering that there was only one copy left. I figured, there must be a reason why it was there.

Also last night, when I accidentally bumped into my students in the train. Initially, I decided at a very last minute to go out to "celebrate" the dawn of New Year of 2011 when I went out at 10pm. Texted my friend and he asked me to wait for him in Pavilion. I decided, "Yeah, why not". Little did I know that by the time I went out from the pedestrian tunnel, not only that KLCC is closed to public (made it even harder for me to catwalk to Pavilion), the sea of people just suffocated me that I had to rely and cling on the students to somewhat guide me and be my knights in shining armor amidst the crazy crowd. Needless to say, by the time we reached Pavilion, it was even crazier than beyond my comprehension, the walkway to the traffic light was literally jampacked and to add 'insult to injury', people were dancing to the beat choreographed by the DJ. I simply could not fathom the excessive PDAs.

To make the story short, I ended up celebrating new year with the students, unplanned and of course, with unwanted attention when they kept calling me 'teacher' here and there.

A twist of event happened last night of last year when suddenly a mere minute after the countdown ended that one of the girl students ended up being cut on the forehead by a 'missing bottle' thrown at her. Blood was oozing down and I had the initial belief that it was coming out of her eyes, which could have been worse. Thank God it wasn't.

Rushed to the nearby JPA3, wound washed and bandaged, panicked, the girl insisted to be admitted to the hospital for further checking on concussion, internal bleeding and whatnot. And to my dismay, something happened that really DEGRADED the essence of Malaysian and I was sad, ashamed and mostly SHOCKED at the sight of the fucktards (pardon my language) taxi drivers.

They declined to transport her to the General Hospital on the grounds that it was 'too near' and that they have been waiting for '3 hours' for passengers. To add insult to injury, they even MISLED the poor bunch of students to believe that GH (or HKL) was within walking distance. SERIOUSLY, YOU SHOULD DIE FOR DEMORALIZING YOURSELVES.

If it hadn't for me stepping in to ease the confusion, chaos and the panic situation that the bunch (Arabs and some innocent Chinese Malaysian students) was experiencing, we would have walked in circle and ended up killing ourselves for some low-lives who valued money over a human's life.

Taking charge, I told them to take the monorail to Chow Kit, and then we walked a bit towards the hospital. There, I 'helped' the young Chinese Malaysian students to communicate with the hospital attendants (apparently they couldn't speak Malay, what a loss) and the rest was, quite, history. The Arabs were loyal to accompany and give their level best of moral support and patiently waited outside for the verdict. As it turned out, there was nothing so serious from the X-ray results and after sending the girls off, we went home, or rather, I crashed in to one of the students' home. It was about 230 when it all finished.

So I had to say, that, if it weren't for me being an active, well-versed public user, I would have panicked as well and ended up aggravating the situation for being a no-brainer Malaysian. So, a voice came to me, saying that what I went through all these while was, perhaps, to prepare for this kind of unforeseen circumstances.

Despite the New Year started off pretty BLOODY, literally, it somehow bonded us together, to stay through thick and thin, and to take the opportunity to catch up with each other's lives (or mostly for me) and to celebrate what it truly means to celebrate a NEW year - to be grateful for one's life, and to be willing to sacrifice for others'.

After all, if you ain't alive, it matters not the year is NEW or old. Thus, I already set another resolution last night.

That I must treasure my life and put my life first - not to the point of being selfish, but to live my life with care and diligence so that I could extend myself into the lives of others, un-nosi-ly and philantropically.