Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Of Qualms and Whatnots.

Hello again. Such a short dismissal it was, indeed.


Even at the mentioning of the word 'indeed' reminded me strikingly to a wonderful colleague of mine. He is the epitome of funny, honest guy and to be able to be funny while being plain honest to be is wonderful.

Here I am, in the solitary confinement of this nostalgic library, a stranger among the familiars.

These past few months have taught me important lessons. The lessons which I would possibly not be having should I work somewhere else and not in an internationally-composited environment. I learnt that while other things being different (and not equal, economically and physically speaking), some values remain universal. The beauty of looking at people from entirely different walks of life, literally an entire world of difference, shows some promises that we are all one. Living under the same sky no matter where we are or where we are from, is such a relieving feeling. Initially, I was having doubts as to how much the continuum of acceptance be between myself and the 'other side of the world'. Would they be condescending? Would they be demanding? Would they be utterly unsatisfiable? Those questions whirled and whirled in my mind, having not stepped outside my cocoon of feeling I was the only one in this world, and living the life while other people who are of the same kind as I am.

I had to say, it was not quite an easy experience. I remember the very first time I was given the task to be approaching the foreign bunch, I was feeling uptight and VERY INSECURE. I kept thinking, "What if I looked silly in front of them?" "What if they did not accept me?" Yes, all sorts of those 'WHAT IFs' were running wild in my mind.

And the chronicle ceases here. Till next time.


Well hello again blog. *Mode:Rustic*

I have not been blogging for the past few months (not that I was an ardent blogger, mind you) and I definitely missed the time when I would get all hyped and pysched up to blog as if I'm Mr. Somebody. The reason is, work life has been quite a bitch. Okay, quite may be an understatement. Allow me to deliberate, to 'paint the picture', albeit grotesquely.

First of all, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Allah S.W.T. for giving me this opportunity to have a career, and yes, to end up as a teacher. *Cue standing ovation*. LOL. Thing is, truth be told, I used to have a knack on teaching, but not so much anymore. Despite that, I was thankful enough to have a job soon after I completed my 4-year-long studies. Of course, the door was opened, by the means of the wonderful Dr. I (whom reputation is marvellous) who introduced me to this wonderful idea of this company with THREE-LETTER WORD. An acronym, to be exact. At first, I was excited of the idea of getting a scholarship and doing internship a la Running in Heels. Little did I know, that it was a far cry.

Dwelling on the past does not make me a grumbler or a grunter; rather, it just reinforces what I have seen, tasted and experienced in hindsight - that there are more thorns that roses, anyways. I consider blogging and talking about work as a way and means to express, to vent the pent up 'energy' that I am stocking inside me, as if blowing hard into a plastic bag. Phew, it sure is rejuvenating.

And the ramblings stop here.

Till next time, WA.