Monday, September 28, 2009

Achoo ~!! (I'm sick of this sickness.)

You read the title right, people. Yeah, today I've been 'persevering' from a rather nasty cold. Just hoping that it will not be H1N1 or Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI). I believe I have exercised self-quarantined by not going out except with my family to go 'beraya' so yeah, I'm crossing my fingers for the worst-case-scenario not to happen. My nose has been really itchy I could've sworn I would pull it off and send it for healing if I could! But perhaps, it is attributed from my sinusitis, though I have been taking the traditional medication regularly. Ah well, just a bad day today I guess!

Despite the cold, there is another PRIME sickness that has been 'haunting' me for the past 3 days or so and that is the ULSER aka the FISH eye sickness! I really didn't feel like eating at first when it happened, too bad I didn't bring along the Dexaltin Oral Aid with me, and the HEFTY price of the Oral Aid not of the same brand is just killing me, I would rather fast than buying it! Hihi I believe that this is a common sickness to us all, maybe I didn't drink too much water, it's just natural of me, the 'Ratu' Sakit, hihi.

So, because of the FISH EYE (or EYES, since there are TWO friggin spots, oucch, I know), I didn't really enjoy eating all the delicacies. It was like, instead of jovially SHOVING the food into my throat, I had to carefully MANEUVER the right position so as not to hit the marks, though it wasn't really successful, huhu. Imagine me eating (or maneuvering) the 'Nasi lemak antarabangsa' I had mentioned in my earlier post. I could've sworn I would rather stop eating spicy food FOREVER at that moment. But then again, we are Asians, and spice is just our thing. Hihi.

So today, I had to turn down the generous offer from my beloved schoolmates whom I have not met over the last 6 years or more, just to exercise self-control of myself. You know-lah, with the cold and the fish eyes, how more zombie-ish could I look? Hihi.

Right, so since I don't really blog daily, Imma tellin you what my plan is for the next few days. Originally, the plan for tomorrow, Monday, will be going for shopping for a new bag (I love bag, but not crazy over it, hihi) and maybe a new pants or denim. I'm thinking of a purple or blue skinny pants, what do you think? Let me know. I just have a thing for skinny pants, and adding splashes of colours to my wardrobe would simply be eye-candy-ingly ORGASMIC. Lol just kidding.

With the Padini Birthday Card I received that would entitle me to 30% discounts over normal priced items, I'm preparing a budget of at the most about MYR 330. About RM140 for the bag, RM89 for the skinny pants and maybe, RM100 for a new slack. The one I have now is quite USED already for the endeavor that was the practicum. Hihi. Yeah the amount seem daunting, isn't it? But after you minus 30%, the total would be just about RM230 y'all! That is like, RM100 discount or cash voucher I'll be getting. But then, I do want to buy a new pair of jeans at ROMP, since my favorite blue denim is kinda ripped already at the knee, and I am sOo NOT a Rempit, so yeah, that kind of fashion does not really grow on me, hihi.

But, since I doubt that I'll be in the pink of health by tomorrow of less than 24 hours, perhaps I would go on Tuesday or Wednesday. And since I am yet to have a companion to go with (thing is, I used to be able to go shopping alone before, suddenly that 'spirit' had died mysteriously), it would be safe to say that I would hopefully go by this week, and NOT the weekend. I just hate weekend with all the crowds and the posers and the attention-seekers. Hihi.

On a more serious note, I need to start working on my Academic Exercise (AE), the Faculty of Education's 'version' of thesis, and I am hoping to start working on the first three chapters by this Thursday so that I could meet my supervisor for the very first time. I know, we were supposed to consult the supervisor at the beginning of the semester, but practicum just took the better off me.

Well, till then, have a great time, people! *Achoo!* Urghh, I really need to be freed from this sickness.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thank God It's Friday indeed ~_~

Hello bloggie! How ore ya feeling tday? Hope you're in the pink of health.

Well today, my 'day' actually started at night when my family and I went beraya to my Pak Lang's house in Taman Harmonis in Gombak (do you know where it is? hihi). There were two reasons that made my 'day' (or night, lol) :

Numero uno, being able to eat 'nasi impit kuah kacang'. FYI, this is the one delicacy I have been craving ever since the first day of raya, sadly my mum didn't make it this year, only 'lontong', so yeah, thank God, finally the craving had been satisfied. Alhamdulillah!

Number two, well, that was to get the 'duit raya' from my Pak Lang eventho I am literally old already, hihi, I hate figures (don't ask me to do the math. Get the joke? Hihi). True to the saying, distance does make the heart grows fonder, haha since my Pak Lang is living further from my house while my Pak Itam who lives just a stone's throw away didn't give me any, so the saying must be true, haha.

But then, just when I thought that we should call it a day, my brother-in-law who drove the car, decided on a whim to take us 'makan angin' to Kuala Lumpur, the city of lights and because we were hungry, decided to take us to have the famous 'Nasi lemak antarabangsa' in Kampung Baru. I was like, yeah, I've been there with friends, but never with family, so this oughta be awkward, hihi. Turned out that the experience was rather 'ambivalent', haha, quite nice though, since the food was on the bro-in-law, hey, who doesn't like free lunch (or supper in this case) kan? Hihi.

But wait, the story didn't end there. To top the experience off, we went 'beraya' to my aunt's house in Kampung Baru. She was a divorcee to my uncle who is my mum's older brother, but she was never any lesser nice to us all, so we felt very much at home. And yeah, I took a liking on my cousin, so hawt now, my taste, hihi. The visit was more like taking a stroll down the memory lane, reminiscing on the years prior to the divorce and separation and whatnot, but the memory is indeed THICKER than blood, and as we know, blood is thicker than water. So yeah, it doesn't take a blood relationship (or a marriage) to bond us together, good things shall never go unrewarded, that is so true.

All in all, today I felt very happy and very enlightened as well, to discover how the things I had learnt in Literature about the Asian society is VERY true. We Asians, is not an overstatement when I say this, are very concerned on TWO things:

Number one being marriage, as in there is an invisible line or point of age where people around you are so gonna pop up the question to you, and such casualty IS what makes us, well, Asian.

Number two is almost definitely, status. Status comes in the form of occupation in particular, or education if you are still studying. We can and must never deny that we ARE, indeed, our parents' prized possessions, and instead of being in-denial and rebellious about it, I found it to be more comforting and fulfilling if we just embrace it and make it to be a win-win situation, even if on our side we're not actually winning. But, what do we have to lose for? Nada, isn't it?

Well, this raya especially since it's 2009 and I'm turning 24, no more teeny weeny teenagers, has made me realized that life is too short to be dwelling on trivial matters. It is better for me to become like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde than being the Phantom of the Opera, who lives and dies unnoticed.

I want to live my life to the fullest, even if it takes living a double life or summat. In the end, I want to be happy without compromising of any other person's happiness. Let it be a win-win situation.

Till then, kampai (cheers!) XOXO.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Refurbished. Wee ~

Yeah so I finally have the 'heart' to blog again, though it's still rather superficial, hihi.

Right, so what had 'happened' to me these past 4 days of Raya? Well, I would say not much. Not even in the greatest health to enjoy the celebration, but hey, that's who I am, a 'Ratu' Sakit, hihi my friends are entirely aware of this notorious reputation of mine.

Regardless, I still have the heart to have a makeover of my room and yeah, I got myself a new desk, wardrobe and a mirror, now my room looks more 'alive' than dead, hihi. It cost me almost 200 for that, and I didn't get much Duit Raya this year, so yeah, I'm pretty much living on a shoestring budget. lol

For so long this blog has not had a picca to brighten up the space, so maybe, just maybe, I shall blog about my past 2 months ++ experience of my practicum. Particularly on my 'beloved' EFEKTIF classes, which are not so effective, lol, 'coz there are quite a number of their picca with me, perhaps I should upload them to Flickr or summat. Yeah, that oughta do it.

Okay, I'm sleepy now since it's 3:33 am now, yeah the figures are kewl, the biological clock is not, hihi.

Tomorrow, my family and I might go to Ampang to visit my uncle and his family. If I have the 'mood' to snap picca and upload them, you'll know them all from this bloggie.

Till then, good night. Or should I say, good morning? ~_~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let Us Mind Our Language ;)

Hello people ~

Wow it sure had been quite a while since I was away on hiatus. Thing is, there was some 'complication' that had to be settled and thankfully, it was settled ;) I have to thank God for that. Now finally I feel the festive mood.

Of course, even while I was away, I still had time to browse through, read (skim and scan, lol) some of your blogs. To blackmonoakanad, I still don't recognize your face ! A little hint would do ;) To others, well, now should be the 'right' time to pay more attention to your GRAMMAR now that Dr. Grammar (ehem2) is here, should it not?

Well this is rather disorganized, but I would like to pinpoint on a few 'mistakes' that didn't quite manage to escape my sight ;)

1) The -ed

Of course, the simplest rule that we know of the ed's would be the past tense form. Other than that, we also use the ed's when it involves some other forms. For example:

* This is rather disorganized (refer above)

* I am called Teacher Irwan

* Choo has waited for Hari Raya to arrive for almost a year now ;)

* Sharmla had blogged her last entry a few days ago ;)

* Nawarzir 'Nintama' Jay is excited (excite + ed) to go back to his kampung ;)

* Nad 'Blackmono' Imtiyaz is interested in English ;)

* Teacher Irwan is liked by all except his own Efektif students (LOL)

So, do you see now when the ed's are used? How can you tell if someone ask you, 'Why do you use (or add) -ed to the sentence?

Well, apart from the SIMPLE past tense rule, we can also look at the kind of sentence. You DO know that there are two (2) kinds of sentences, do you not?

So, what are they?


I'm waiting...;)
Alright. Let me just give you the answer, shall I?

The two kinds of sentences are...*drumroll please*

1) Active sentences

2) Passive sentences

I would venture into more details regarding those two, but at present it is sufficient for me to say that the arrangement of the part of speech (look for the eight part of speech that is the grammar) largely determines whether a sentence is an active or a passive sentence.

For instance, let's take from one of the examples I had provided above.

* Teacher Irwan is liked by all except his Efektif students.

This sentence is a PASSIVE sentence. How do we know? Because now the subject (All except his Efektif students) is at the end of the sentence while the object (Teacher Irwan) is now at the beginning.

So how do we change the sentence back to its ACTIVE form?

I give you the active form first.

All except his Efektif student LIKE Teacher Irwan.

Do you see now that the -ed has gone?

This is because active sentence SHOULD NOT have the ed's. Unless it is in PAST TENSE.

Therefore, sentence such as I called Nawarzir is wrong. It should be I am called Nawarzir. In active form, it should be Call me Nawarzir. ;)

Don't get me started on the non-action aka the linking aka the 'be' verb. That may be later.

For now, how about you people attempt the remaining examples? See if you can change them into their active form.

Post a comment on THIS entry, not on the chatbox if you feel like doing so.

Till then, HAPPY learning, because English is FUN!

p/s: Happy Raya everyone. Forgive me physically and mentally+spiritually.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A snippet of a post.

Hello people. Yeah from now on, let's not use the term guys, shall we? Because it's very gender-based. English is a gender-based language you know. Words like Salesman, Businessman, are but a few examples of gender-based language which the word itself dictate the gender of the user or the receiver of the word. That was of course fine in MEDIEVAL times when it was indeed MEN who toiled their hard work and labour and consequently reaped the fruit of their sows, but nowadays, it's just IRRELEVANT.

Just so you know, GUYS are for male, GIRLS are for female, so let's not mix them up, shall we?


Just an update, I had just finished my post-practicum, where we had seminar and presentations. I could now take a breather or two for a while before preparing myself to write two assignments to be submitted by 16th of Sept, next week.

Right, that's about it. Make sure not to OVERgeneralize the word 'guys', okay!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Of Fasting, Hiatus and Holiday

Hello! We meet again. Ah it had been more than a fortnight since I was 'away' and though I do have lots to say, not entirely will be divulged, nor that my cohesive link will do me wonders anyway. Heh.

So here's how it goes. In the blink of an eye, I have almost completed my practicum training in SMK Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. By almost I mean that this week shall be the last week to endure with the children's tantrums and their oh-so-raging-hormones. LOL indeed. It felt short, and yet it felt long as well to endure coming to school again after 7 years of bidding goodbye to the premise that is the school. But through thick and thin, and mostly, through me mingling around with a certain bunch from my own class (1 and 2 Efektif) and the other classes (mostly of 2 Budi's, a few from 1 Gigih's), they never fail to make my smile. That oughta keep the sanity in check.

So well, wadyaknow, fasting month has arrived yet again. Have u made amends (ganti) your 'days of leave' from fasting the previous year? LOL what a community service message. So far, I have never had troubles (or twoubles, as Ming Ming from Wonderpets would say it) even though I am an asthmatic. Though there would be times when I would wake up and feel a slight tight on my chest, I would cough the notion away and clear my respiratory system once again.

The reason why I had been on 'hiatus' was perhaps largely due to the fact that I used to blog before, and, at one point, I came to the conclusion that blogging was not all that fun as I was keen on getting comments as I view of them as signs of my entries being read, so it wasn't fun >.<. Okay, that WAS pathetic. Not anymore. With the advent of chatbox (cewah), the least is I could know who's who and who's dropping by.

What initiated me to blog again was the joy and delight beaming from the atmosphere of this 'blogosphere' where friends and peers could 'mingle' at and laugh to their heart's content. So, I decided to re-join this platform in the hopes of being able to touch and be touched by some good Samaritan's pieces of writing, to chuckle me up, to de-stress myself and who knows, to be able to learn some bulls' eyes points on life and everything it is about. Okay, stop this melancholia. LOL

Most importantly, I wish that this platform would enable me to reach out the young folks of Malaysian whose command of English is below commendable, and that I could actually do something about it. Not much, tiny weeny bit would do. As I had been 'lecturing' the students of 2 Imtiyaz today (1st of Sept, 09), there are TWO aspects of learning just about any language and they are...*drumroll*


Accuracy, the abstract noun from which the adjective accurate is derived, centers around being able to speak right. That is, to speak correctly. But wait, it does not revolve just around this one skill of the four. It encompasses all the four skills of LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING and WRITING of which having a good accuracy (or being an accurate speaker) would assist greatly in the organization of the discourse for the sake of communication and many more.

The question is, HOW? How to achieve the accuracy of that of a proficient language user?

Through grammar, that's how! I more often that not equate grammar to the mathematical formula in the sense that both works to serve as a theoretical framework from which the two would function as a result of. Without grammar as the BUILDING BLOCKS, you can liken the scenario to putting together the jigsaw puzzle with loadsa pieces missing and went haywire. There oughta be loopholes and there could never be sufficient patchwork that would mend the 'here and there' holes. It's like..(this is embarassing) 'gali lubang, tutup lubang'. 'Nuff said.

From my hour-long relief class with 2 Imtiyaz, I further posed question of 'what would be the second stage, after one has 'graduated' from the first stage?' I gave out the obvious hint of the F word (not the swear, that I can assure you) which in BM holds the same initial. And the doa reciter (again, does this word exist?? LOL) quickly managed to spot the signal and yes, it was FASIH or being FLUENT. After all, wouldn't it make sense that after one has mastered the grammar (or anywhere near that stage), one would have little difficulty in mixing and matching the puzzles to make sentences almost effortlessly? By right, when the first stage has been cleared, slowly one would have picked up the pace towards being AUTOMATIC.

Yes, fluency is all about being AUTOMATIC. Having the similar natural 'ability' of that of the native language, where you need not think of what to say next. It's as if the words just flow like WATER. How I love that statement. LOL.

Having said that, I honestly believe that the grave situation befallen the young Malaysian nowadays is that of a mixture of inappropriate input and lack or almost nonexistent of output. Input comes from the surrounding, mainly from the other speakers. And what would be the benefit of having the other speakers, who are somewhat narcissistic, over-the-top (OTT) display of 'monologue' and hardly bother to slow down their pace, or use simpler language? I learn from learning linguistics back in the varsity that the 'missing' elements were the exact elements from which we learn (or ACQUIRE) or first language. The simplified speech that we heard in the early part of our lives serve as providing the right input to match our then-lack of knowledge and understanding of language. This crucial element, one that is called CHILD-DIRECTED SPEECH (not PARENT, pardon me) is called as that as it serves the main function of that to direct child to 'absorb' the language.

To compare that blissful situation and the one most second language learners is facing right now is farfetched and downright utopic to even have the slighest hope of them being able to pick up the pace of the highly-structured language that only those with considerable fluency manage to grasp, definitely not the case with us, what's with our tabula rasa blank state of mind. That's about it for now.

The effect is totally detrimental. Having been scared over the sounds of those highly 'sophisticated' bombastic lavish extravagant structure of a language, all hopes wither and fade away. Which being the perhaps main reason of the PHOBIA of the language, of mainly SPEAKING with that Malay tongue of yours to pronounce the then-colonial language of ours. Unless this vicious cycle is broken or the learners suddenly received some newfound courage and some fresh new perspectives, it is highly unlikely that the history won't repeat itself.

To end this entry, I'd like to share on how I started on my venture to speak. No I wasn't that blessed to having been living overseas and blending in with the culture and language. And I wasn't all that young and innocent (LOL) when I first started to WANTING to speak as well. I was 16 by the time a beautiful magnificent sight caught my attention, when my peer was there on the stage emceeing an English event I could hardly remember now. It was then that I started having the itch to wanting to be able to speak so effortlessly like her.

So, what DID I do?

Like any other training, I began with training my 'weapon of choice' - my TONGUE. (What were you thinking?? LOL). What I did was I trained my tongue to be able to flex considerably enough prior to me actually trying to produce the language and finding the outlet and channel to actually be able to SPEAK, and not to READ. And before long (or simply, to make long story cut short, LOL), here I am, taking B.Ed. TESL, undergoing practicum (which is almost over, o yeah!) and always looking for opportunity to speak, especially by giving 'back' the channel or outlet for the students for them to practice. The rest, the honors, well, all lie on you. YOU decide. Either you get fluent, or die trying (sounds like 50 Cent la plak, LOL).

So that's it. Any longer than I shall be deprived of my nap. Till then, later!