Saturday, February 2, 2013


So I went for a sleepover at Cheras at my friend's house. Being the ponce that we are, it was only natural we went out at night and became what is dubbbed as "night butterflies" (kupu2 malam). So we did. We dolled up, hailed a cab, brazing through the madly drizzling rain to fulfill our 'mission'. As we arrived, surprisingly, some of them were already 'wasted'. Mind you, we did not go into the club. Just around and along them. It struck me how people (or at least those who were there) were so drawn into the loud-banging music and flashing disco lights as much as moths are pulled into the fire. I don't think I need to fill you in on the 'sceneries', do I? What I'm penning here, being part of my revelation of the other side of the city, concerns the 'cur', otherwise knownas prostitution. That's right. Female and shemale alike. Alike they were, that it wasn't easy to determine which is which at first glance. I learn that in the world of 'cur', face is everything. Body comes second. Of course, that reminds me to buy a pair of lenses soon. I learn that the skimpier the outfit, the more 'attractive' you are. I learn that there, money speaks. Literally. Like when a taxi driver withstood a drunkard who climbed up his taxi to pose, amidst traffic building behind it. I learn that 'cur' is very dirty, yet very necessary. People need to let off the steam, no? I learn that Changkat Bukit Bintang is heavily infested with foreigners - heck, they should just be awarded the space. I learn that kakak2 (older, more beautiful ponce) have natural potty mouth. I learn that fickle is an understatement. Above all, I learn that there's just so much more I can, and will do to spice up my life. Excited? Yeah. Sexcited? Hell yeah! Lol. So I'm resuming my 'Hormone Replacement Therapy' (HRT) tonight. I shall get back to this space to report on my development perhaps fortnightly at best. In the meantime, I shall focus on finishing up the reading and persist on researching stuff. Toodles.