Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009. R.I.P. (A year in retrospective)

Once again, a year is leaving us. SAD. And not, especially considering how 2009 hasn't really had been a CLOUD NINE year with 'series' of deaths and passings and deceases and demises. Nevertheless, as for the other years that had passed me by, I would like to take a moment to recount on what a year 2009 has been. Here's how it goes.

To me, personally, 2009 has been a PRACTICUM year through and through. I started thinking about it the moment I stepped into semester 6 of my study, because, whether I liked it or now, I was gonna pass semester 6 relentlessly, and that oh-so-dreadful semester 7 was gonna fill in anyways. So, with practicum being the underlying theme of the year, I decide to break the memoirs into chunks on monthly basis, to ease the recalling as well as reading them.

I remembered being utterly anxious of the big P that that was all I was thinking of. So I decided to go to Melaka to shop for the garments (specifically shirts and loadsa them). I went there and slept over at my friend's house over there and kinda killed two birds with one stone. Catching up things with 'em while focusing on my prime goals. I remembered being sOo interested in the shirts for the FIRST TIME EVER in my life that I couldn't get enuff of 'em. But of course, with my limited budget and whatnot, I ended up with buying 4 of them and a pants, and it cost me well over MYR200 (too bad the free bag didn't come with the purchase) and obviously, the store I went to is the one and only, PADINI Concept Store. The main reason why I went there instead of going to one of 'em in KL was that I didn't have a companion to shop with. NOT FUN. ^__^ And that was the last time I went there to Melaka for this year. FYI, I never fail to come back to Melaka every semester ever since I graduated from UiTM Lendu. So not the case of the peanuts forgetting their roots, eyh?

Due to the insignificant events that didn't really leave traces in my memory, I could hardly think of specific events memorable during these months. Uh-oh, the memory's coming now. Yeap. THE one and only event I remembered well enough was the BIRTHDAY BASH of my elder sister(and the only) in Sepang. My sister turned 29 this year, and with the first born baby of hers and all, she decided to celebrate it with the family and consequently made the event to be family-saturated (lol). I remembered that, being a sometime motion sickness of a person, the journey that they undertook made me dizzy to a certain degree (it rhymes! lol) and it kinda took some time to reach the beach (again! lol) and for us to settle down. It was A-W-K awkward particularly for me, since, being more introverted and all, the thought of having to face the many faces of the la familia at the same time scared the shitzo out of me. Haha! Okay, I am over exaggerating here. What made the event oh-so-memorable was the throwing of the tantrums of my 3-years old niece who was apparently swooning over loadsa toys on displays in the shops that she just couldn't settle for JUST one. Talk about becoming a greedy ho! Just kidding. ^__^ I remembered 'filming' the scene using my trusted PSP Go! Camera and felt good about it since pictures speak a thousand words and that I don't really have a good memory.

Following the family event was all work and no play. With the view in mind to pass semester 6 as the requirement of the practicum, I remembered being burdened and choked with the abundant workloads out of the many methodologies shoved down our throat (lol). Too many things, too little time. I remembered taking an instant liking to my Methodologies in Teaching Literature's lecturer (hereby known as MTL) due to her witty sarcasm and sharp,pointed words. Never beat around the bushes, indeed. ^__^ Another lecturer who affected me was my Methodologies in Teaching Writing's (MTW) who was a total no-nonsense. Yada yada yada. This bores me. LOL.

Semester 6 proved to be a rekindling interest as I was once again under the tutelage of the awesome Madam Rosalind who taught me Drama in semester 3 and then Asian Literature this semester. I 'boldly' decided to have a change of wind since I wasn't feeling all too 'compatible' with the chatty lecturer. Too much jokes KILL, apparently. LOL. It was brave act indeed. Changing to a less comfortable schedule (friday noon and all) and much lesser number (about 10 peeps or less altogether), but it really felt like home. Her maternal instinct exuded through and through that I would always say to myself, "I'm home!" in her class. Watching movies like Water and Jogho and reading through the stories and novel really made me proud of my Asian roots.

It was also a rekindling affair with my linguistics lecturer, Dr. Richard Holmes (yes, he is a native speaker) and though attuning to his lecture never fails to challenge (lol), it was his utter genuine interest in language that turned me on. In NOT an obscene way, thank you ^__^. Being in his class again also felt like home since he never really changes and I like him the way he is. Over time, I found myself to take great interest on this thing called Contrastive Analysis and never seemed to get enough of it. Perhaps I should do a dissertation on it one day, who knows ^___^

But then realistically, all things have the ups and downs. So did the other lecturer of the semester. I remembered not liking my Methodology in Teaching Grammar (MTG)'s lecturer (I'm gonna be honest here) since she never bothered to be liked either. The climax of this love-hate relationship was when she ERUPTED after our INSANE hours long of microteaching (see, I didn't even remember how long it was!), bashing us and stuffs and tryna prove that she's one-up that us. LAME! Seriously, have u not heard of this thing called ATTENTION SPAN? You and your pre-menopause ego. Pathetic.

One last lecturer whom I didn't take great interest in was my Shakespeare's lecturer, who was as monotous as a tree. Who sat through most of the lecture. Who consequently awarded me B-, thank you. It wasn't so much of the fact that I never received a B- in my entire varsity life that bothered me - it was the fact that the others who received a B when I did better that suxx. Same thing with the course above.

These two courses pulled down my grade. As a result, I DIDN'T get the Dean's List.

There. A public (service announcement, lol) confession. Not that I cared much, since I had received the VC's award once and didn't feel excited about it.

So yeah, these past 7 years were all about academics. NOT FUN.

June was the beginning of the practicum. Fancy called PRE-PRACTICUM, it was all talks. So much so that it stricken me into believing that I wouldn't make it through (the rain, lol) since their talks were so VAGUE and SUBTLE. It didn't make me visualizing of anything they talked of. Not to mention the ridicule I received. Yeah, IT WAS SO GREAT.

A week later came School Orientation Program (SOP) or Rancangan Orientasi Sekolah (ROS). I remembered the moment being school holidays and all, thus there were only a few teachers to entertain us. The most caring hostess would definitely be Puan 'Kak Pidah' Afidah who welcomed us through and through in her cribs (in this case, library) out of her being the library teacher and all. She showed us the inside of the library, and offered herself for any resource. She offered us home-made egg tarts (which was so delicious) and noodles while we were filling our time doing our SOP as required. I also remembered helping this SPBT teacher (I don't remember her name, can someone help me?) to paint the pole in front of the SPBT room out of me not really having a knack in art to help them carving out the polystyrene cut-out alphabets. It delighted me to help the SPBT teacher, especially knowing the fact that she was a colleague to my secondary school's teachers (yeap, more than 1) back when they were studying in UM perhaps? Correct me if I'm wrong ^__^

Okay, this bores me as well ^__^

The MAJOR thing that happened in June, as well as in my life was the experience of myself being the victim of snatch-theft in broad, scorching daylight of the afternoon, just a few more walks away from the school compound. They slickly asked for direction to Section 11 and convinced me even more when the person next to the driver's seat went out of the car and showed me a card as if to show the address and when I peered onto the paper, that was when my bag was snatched away. It looked like a laptop bag, it wasn't mine, it was my sis', and inside was the Form 1 textbook, teaching materials, and most importantly, my Motorola L6i and my wallet. Pfft. It didn't help when I 'happened' to lose my handphone for the 3rd time in the last 2 years. I first lost my Nokia 5200 (Express Cover, whatever that means, lol) in 2007 when I was listening to the radio from the earphone while boarding the blardi Rapid bus, all the while not realizing that it was gone until of course, that no more sound was emitted from the piece. The feeling was DEVASTATING. To lose something so deary to me while I was on the way back home to Gombak made me feel like contemplating suicide (LOL). It took me a while to recover and I was being very much in hiatus until I was emotionally stable. Then I bought a 2nd-hand phone just for temporary, and it was lost too while I was accompanying Shikin to the Akademi Bahasa in main campus (apparently I carelessly left it in the premise). There WAS hope when somebody (in this case, one of the lecturers there) contacted Shikin to inform that she found the phone, but when I contacted her back, SOMEHOW we 'lost contact' and I stopped bothering about the blardi 2nd hand phone. That was when, along with Shikin and Wan Nurul, we went to the Plaza Alam Sentral to buy the Motorola L6 (it cost about 350 at that time) due to it being the near end of the semester and obviously I didn't have so much money to splurge on a phone.

It was equally heart-wrenching to know that all the contents stored in the phone would no longer be retrieved. The messages, the pictures (however mediocre they were) and the never felt the same.

Another significant moment in June was when I woke up on the morning of the 25th to discover a friend of mine, Izza texted me to inform that The King of Pop, Michael Jackson has died. It felt like a joke. A prank. I felt like the time stopped. I turned on the tv to watch for the breaking news, but was disappointed by the lame local network. Admittedly, it didn't affect me that much since I was MORE affected by having to teach two notoriously-well-known classes of the afternoon session. I was 'academically-stricken'. LOL.

The most memorable thing about July was the birthday bash of my beloved oka-sama aka MAMA. She turned 55 this year and so, my ever-'party planner' of a sis and her hubby decided to throw the celebration in Cameron Highlands. I decided to tag along to 'escape' even for just a while from the nightmare that was the practicum. I remembered it to be cold, but not as cold as Genting. Being the FIRST TIME to ever be there (pathetic, I know), there wasn't much to be excited about. Apart from strickened by the smoke coming out of the indoor BBQ (I am allergic to smoke being an asthmatic, I get hyperventilated easily that I will almost certainly die if I ever trapped in a fire), we went to the usual 'fixations' - the Strawberry Farm, the Cactus Farm, the English cottages, yada yada yada. The journey was so sickening for me, having motion sickness and all. Pahang always give me the motion sickness. From Raub (where my sis used to study in SEMESTA) to Genting (where myself and my 'entourage' went for a group holiday back in 2006) to here in Cameron Highlands, it's all the same. I CANNOT TRAVEL 'AT PEACE' IN PAHANG. LOL.

WAIT. How could I NOT remember acquiring my beloved WASABI HP 540 notebook? Forgive me, Wasabi-chan! Honto ni gomen! ^__^ I named the lappy after the sauce since it is green as I am green in envy (lol) and it is hot as hot as I am (lololol). It was a bargain since myself and two friends of mine, we were BFF ever since semester 1 in my diploma back in 2003 went for lappy-hunting and we went first to the Low Yat Plaze, baffled by the endless streams of ningens (humans, lol) and finally settled for a less crowded, more serene Imbi Plaza and immediately my eyes were fixed to this kawaii to hansamu to kirei noto-hon (lol). Considering that one of my friend, Mimi (bukan nama sebenar, lol) is a regular customer back when Mimi was young, I had full faith on the retailer as much as I had faith on this machine (I'm typing this entry now using it. 5 months and going strong! ^__^). So for a 'fraction' of MYR1900, Wasabi belonged to me in such a ceremonious way. LOL.

There wasn't much to be remembered of apart from having ALMOST diagnosed with Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) and FOREVER counting the days left of our stay in the school with Fazrina ^__^. I remembered that being the lazy me (I am embracing my slothness, lol), I came to the school one day feeling a bit tired and my body started burning. Yet as always told by the others when they checked my temperature with the back of their hands, they would say that it was just my feeling. I stayed until recess, trying to analyze the situation, and when I couldn't even manage a relief classes while staying put on the teacher's desk, I had a feeling that there was something wrong. I took my leave from the Afternoon Supervisor and my 'insanity streak' brought myself to 'catwalk' (lol) all the way to the bus stop opposite the Baiduri apartment to wait for the bus. There was no taxi to be 'arrested' (tahan, lol) and I just happened to miss the Seranas and Rapid bus while I was walking to the bus stop opposite Unisel, so, rather than sitting idly to no changes, I decided to walk further until the bus came to stop my train of thoughts from thinking to much of the possibilities. As I then arrived to the Pusat Kesihatan UiTM, it was then I realized how alarming the H1N1 situation was. The atmosphere was gloomy and somewhat deserted, leaving little to the imagination. There wasn't many fellow patients waiting and when I was sent into the doctor's room, they took my temperature and I received the reading of 38.4 Celcius degrees. Not bad (LOL). The doctor asked what I was doing and when I answered that I was doing my practicum, she assigned me into precautionary measures and gave me a week-long of MC and I immediately bid adieu to Shah Alam after packing my stuffs and all.

It was a MUCH needed rest after all.


September was a very exciting month! Not only that I would only 'serve my time' (lol) for just another day or two, it was also the time when I acquired much assets! First, I remembered going to Giant Batu Caves with mama to buy my beloved Wasabibi (lol), my small but cute deskI remembered days before Hari Raya, my family and I first went to Tesco in Selayang where I bought my beloved HP Deskjet 3-in-1 F2280 printer at MYR169. It delighted me since earlier in July, I accompanied a friend of mine to browse for the printer during the PC Fair in KLCC the convention center so I was doing window shopping in advance.

Later on, as Aidilfitri arrived, we decided to go to Carrefour, Wangsa Maju to buy things and whatnot for the preparation of Hari Raya. That was when I bought my beloved Wasachibi, my small but nonetheless cute two-doors wardrobe at MYR80. I loved it.

For Raya this year, I REALIZED how old I had became (lol) when I only received MYR100 worth of duit raya. I feel old.

As for the practicum, the conclusion was that I maintained the relationship with some of my Form 1 Efektif students, and some of the 2 Budi's. Love em to bits!


October was the 'Sisterhood of Travelling Pants' month! LOL. It was the month that, out of the fact that I was holiday-ing, my sister invited me to accompany her for a week, since her hubby went out of town to Terengganu for work-related purposes. I gotta admit, I was reluctant as first since it was YEARS since we last talked to each other, growing up and all, her started working and all, and her was away in Raub, Pahang in boarding school and all. I tried my best to penetrate through the invisible barrier, despite least talking as usual, but I complied to whatever request of hers such as going to the parking lot each morning and evening when she went to and from work, helping her to bring the babies' stuffs and all. Note that I didn't know how to cook yet, let alone the rice! I mean, I knew how to cook rice, tried it a few times before, and sometimes work, and sometimes don't. The MAIN reason I agreed, apart from compassion (lol) was the fact that they have wireless in their home, one thing I didn't have, beside my limited broadband. So I pretty much enjoyed the unlimited streaming, watching videos and stuffs, facebooking, and above all, DOWNLOADING games and movies. I managed to download Bleach 3: Fade to Black and a game I couldn't remember. LOL.

Of course, the BEST part of October would be my birthday! Oct the 15th! Tanjobi omedetou gozaimasu, atashi! LOL. Due to my 'kindness', my sister treated me to a birthday celebration at Secret Recipe in Metro Plaza, Kajang. I had Spaghetti Bolognaise, Chocolate Cake and Mochacino while she had Tomyam Noodles, Pistachio Cream Cake (I think) and Oreo-cino something (LOL). That was Thursday. On Wednesday we went to the Pasar Malam where I snapped the infamous 'Goldenberg' pix (as said by Azwan Suroto, lol) and on Saturday we went back to Gombak. My family held an open house that evening where they made BBQs and stuffs. I was tired for not sleeping till morning. When we arrived, I had to look after my sis's bb every now and then while they were busy preparing. Finally, when I couldn't take it any longer, I went to bed early before Maghrib only to wake up to find that most of the grilled chicken and stuffs had finished. Lol.


Wow this entry has taken longer than I expected! Lol. Had to look after niece, preparing the spaghetti for this New Year's eve (woohoo) and stuffs. November was about buying Wasabi the handphone! Nokia 5130 XpressMusic at MYR420 in Plaza Alam Sentral with my housemate. I shall always remember the date. 10th November 2009. November was also about having new spectacles. Bought the frame for MYR20 at Uptown Danau Kota and sent for the lenses for MYR230 at a glasses shop nearby my house. ^___^


Finally, the end of the year. I bought the Body Shop perfumes, mini Federal Constitution, 2 checkered shirts, sent for tailoring 3 ethnic clothes, attended my long-lost DBS's fwen and having sort of a mini reunion.

2009 is truly a YEAR-long of learning. I learnt to unlearn many things.

I learnt to keep my poise (whatever that means, lol) and composure while in constant pressure from the walking time-bomb of the ex-students.

I learnt to FINALLY socialize even more with my own family.

I ventured into doing translation for the first time and it has been quite lucrative (managed to gain MYR500 or more in a mere 2-3 months' period).

I managed to buy a phone with my own money (from the working).

I managed to vary my apparel with the checkered shirts.

I managed to return to the ethnic garments after more than 3 years shunning it away from my closet.

I learnt to un-bore myself this 3 months' long holiday by making frequent visit to Shah Alam every week for a night or two of staying. And earning my own 'source' of income. ^__^

I LEARNT HOW TO COOK. Especially since my mum was away for a week to accompany my sis while her hubby went out of country to Japan for work.

I LEARNT TO COOK ALL ALONE this week since my mum was away with my 'assistant chef' my youngest bro, my ototo, babysitting my newborn niece and her not-so-big-sister (my first niece) while their mum was having meeting in Kuantan. They are back already.

I LEARNT TO WORK-OUT DILIGENTLY, targeting problem areas such as the underarms (with dumbell), stomach (with sit-ups) and hips and thighs (with power walk, running and stretching).

And most importantly, I LEARNT TO EXPLORE THE OTHER SIDE OF ME THAT I NEVER KNEW BEFORE. Of cooking, translating, socializing, acting, and all.

Goodbye 2009. You'll leave me while taking MJ, Farah Fawcett, Brittany Murphy, DJ AM, Yasmin Ahmad and all the great artistes along with you. While I'll never see you again, I am grateful of the memories and the LESSONS you gave me all year long.

What a practicum year it was indeed. Never cease to learn and teach.

WELCOME, 2010. Please, give me high TEN in study.

May I pass semester 8 without losing focus and manage to graduate in time.

May I get the job I desire without waiting for too long.

May I live a new life free and away from the varsity happily.

May I be thinner and achieve my target. (For the first time I actually feel confident to achieve it ever since I became committed to working out)

May I have a great life outside of this comfort zone called VARSITY that I had lived for the last 7 years.

I'm gonna end the wishes here, since I have to be careful with what I wish for. ^__^

That's it.

With love,


Thursday, December 17, 2009

A week with mom away: Day 1 to 3.

A lot of thing had happened (or acquired, so to speak) ever since the last entry. It is as if I had achieved those New Year's resolutions of mine, and I couldn't help but feeling ecstatic (without the ecstacy, of course). I had acquired a new cellphone, nothing fancy, just a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic in red. It cost me MYR420 plus a 2gb memory card, which I went to buy it with my housemate on Nov 11th at Plaza Alam Sentral. The purchase was rather important considering the fact that I had been phone-less for about 5 months after the bloody incident on June 15th when my beloved-and-missed Motorola L6i was snatched away, along with the textbook and the teaching material.

The whole focus of purchase and acquisition towards the year end was on the 'preparation' to become a final semester student aka a seniorita (lol) in the course that I am taking. Say it nonsensical, but I build up this belief that I should brush up on my looks and appearance to suit the status. Not only that, I did all these thinking that wow, this is going to be my 14th and perhaps my last semester being in the varsity, had I not chosen to further my Masters or that the offer will not seem to be materialized thus far. For once in my life, I crave to be and look like a final semester student with the integrity and credibility of one.

And so, therefore, I plunged into a series of purchase, following the acquisition of the cellphone. Well, actually it started earlier than that with the purchase of the man-bag and the skinny pants. And I followed-them-up with buying perfumes in Body Shop for the first time (pretty pathetic, I know), new jet-black full-frame glasses with new power for the lenses, and a couple of checked shirts for the sake of portraying the image afreshed. I bought one recently in ROMP, KLCC for MYR 45.90 in black,blue and white and already eyeing on the green, purple, red-purple and purple-red. I plan on having 7 of them in different colors to be worn once a week.

Also in the garment department, I envision myself to re-plunge into the ethnic wear on Fridays as I used to wear back in my diploma days. It's all come to the choice to walk down the memory lane and live up the glory days of the yesteryears. I had said it before and I'm gonna say it again: I love history and I live by the past, present, and future. That said, I already bought a 2-meters of pastel pink cloth to be sent for tailoring. Like the checked shirt, I also envision myself having 7 of the different shades and tones. Or more.

Yesterday strucked me with some kind of revelation as to why I always thought that my entries were somehow lack of substance. It was because I penned on things in the future or something of immediate that I didn't really get the chance to reflect on it and getting the bird's eyes views. Those entries couldn't help but becoming superficial. As I put it on my blog header, as well as I had put it in my presentations, hindsights are absolutely 20/20.

Coming back to the title of this entry, this 'a week with mom away' event commenced with her being invited to stay over my sis' crib to accompany her while her husband went out of town (or country) and left for Japan for a week. Sugoi ne. Yeah, I wish I could be in his place, without the accountability, of course. So, yeah, coming from a family of 'boys', all that are left in the house are 4 hungry mouths waiting to be fed. Thankfully enough, the red meats from the 'korban' are still available and myself and my youngest bro decided to use them up for good.

This week has been quite a 'survival' mode. We became like tacticians to the other chauvinists who expect the food to be served on the table. We became thrift-spenders with the limited budget mum had left behind and instinctively, my mind became alert with the groceries that can be bought within the limitations. It was fun and I wouldn't say it as being a challenge at all, since my experience in the uni and living a student's life has taught me majorly on how to survive on a shoestring budget. It is funny, but I always feel a sense of satisfaction when, say, I managed to buy a few things I like with an RM10 note.

My bro (hereby called as ototo, the Japanese for younger brother) is the real 'chef'. He isn't really a skilled cook, but he can conjure edible meals from the 'throwing' here and there of the ingredients. He gets the skill and experience having spending the most time with my mom. The youngest complex, they say.

For the first day, which was this Monday, we had just arrived from Penang from visiting the in-laws and my newborn niece. The 'wheel-lag' was hardly brushed off and yet we had to live in reality. While my bro (the older than mine) went off to work that noon, we began preparing the meals.

The first meal was just mere fried meat with a little touch of sauces (of soy and chilli). It lasted until mom and my eldest bro and his wife and kids arrived later in the evening and we had Nasi Ayam Dara for dinner that night. The 'conquest' was to begin the next day.

Tuesday arrived, and it was weird having to be up and about, boiling the water, making drinks, boiling the eggs and made the nestums (lol) for breakfast. I was so used to being a 'chauvinist' (LOL) that the thought of preparing meals not just for myself but the household amused me. I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before and it kinda took a toll on me. We made sardine stew for lunch and it was edible. As if it was that hard. For the 'minum petang', I made Mi SEDAP for two and that kept us going without the usual okashi (kuih). Later that night, we fried some more meat to accomodate the dinner and the 2nd night was over.

On Wednesday, which was yesterday, I become rather ambitious and visionary. Lol. I thought up of the meal for the day and the next within the financial constraint. We decided to make 'Daging Masak Kicap' for the day, based on mum's famous recipe. We tried our best to replicate it, but ended up with a rather bland one, though still edible. So it was still commendable. It wasn't only the preparation of the meal but also the house-cleaning needed to be attended to and I gotta say I moved about the most this week.

For today, I decide to cook fried mee for breakfast and perhaps back to sardine for lunch. Dinner would probably be fried rice. It's Thursday and mom would be back tomorrow or on Saturday. Hoping that I'd get the allowance by this weekend. I can use it to buy another shirt at ROMP! ^__^

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

30 Days of Hiatus.

Urghh I am so lazy to start working on my thesis. I haven't even narrowed down the scope nor have I met the supervisor.

Holiday is simply 'holy' for me. So much for holier than thou attitude, much?

The good thing is, netcon has been restored after more than 2 weeks of nightmarish snail-like feed. I have borrowed books from PTAR to scrutinize at, only successful in flipping over 1 over 8 titles, and now am bringing 3 or 4 of them with me to Shah Alam to do quick browsing through and jotting down of notes and anecdotes before returning them back. Tho the due date is not until the 10th, I will be in Kajang from the 9th until God-knows-when to resume the role of 'guardian' to my sister and her bb while her hubby goes back to his hometown.

As much as I resent being there, I also love it at the same time for the abundant and lavish connection which allows me to download all the movies, video clips and songs without having to worry of the LIMITED bandwidth that I'm allowed with (think only 3gb of this s2pid broadband and you'll get the idea).

And for that reason, I have to stop this rambling or it'll consume the 'precious' bandwidth for my doses of mangas, gossips (lol) and infos and trivia powered by Google (promote jap ;p). Before I take my leave, just wanna say CONGRATULATIONS to my ex and not-so-ex students of 2 Budi, 2 Imtiyaz, and 1 and 2 Efektif (if they ever read this, d'oh). I miss you peeps a heaps. Perhaps I ought to apply for 'Guru Ganti' next year after I finish my Degree and while waiting for the convocation.

I guess I'll see you for your PMR then? All the luck and love in the world to you all!

p/s: To Jake Firdaus, good luck and all the best for your final examination as well. <3

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shopping Spree. (and Camwhoring. LOL)

Yeah people FINALLY I went out to Kuala Lumpur the City of Lights yesterday with some good friends of mine! After much 'hiatus' and 'hibernation' at home (I'm such a filial son, hihi), it was that 'high' time to go out and paint the town red.

We went to KLCC, Pavilion and Sg. Wang in the name of Bag and Pants Hunting exclusively at Padini Concept Store and boy, hunting we did. Thank God it was not a fasting month, and I only start to 'puasa enam' starting today, so yeah we had the energy to do so. Not that we went berserk on the endeavor, though, hihi.

Right. Remember the colored skinny pants in my last post? Well I bought two of them! The blue and the purple one. Sugoi desu ne! Great isn't it? To be able to buy items from your 'wish' list. Just don't let that wishful thinking lead you astray. Hihi.

Here are the things I've bought yesterday, all 'sponsored' by Padini Concept Store, hihi.

SEED Man bag

Padini Authentic (PA) flip-flop

SEED colored trousers (so lame), blue

SEED colored trousers, purple

And the total cost is...*drumroll*

......MYR 247.10! I just wish I had more money to buy more colored pants and checked shirts and all! Huhu greedy me.

Right, on the other hand, I've found a new liking, a new game to rekindle my all-time favorite pastime, that is playing game, and that game is FATE UNLIMITED CODE PSP! Of course, I had finished watching the anime, originally entitled Fate/Stay Night, and it was uber cool I gotta tell ya. So yeah, I have a soft spot for battle manga, but more towards fantasy-like, eye-candy-ish, so NOT into Gantz and Battle Royale very much, too much spilling, too good to be 18++, hihi.

Right, I guess that is all for now, I'm off to play FUC(k), lol, just kidding.

Till then, happy working, happy schooling, and happy living! XOXO

Monday, September 28, 2009

Achoo ~!! (I'm sick of this sickness.)

You read the title right, people. Yeah, today I've been 'persevering' from a rather nasty cold. Just hoping that it will not be H1N1 or Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI). I believe I have exercised self-quarantined by not going out except with my family to go 'beraya' so yeah, I'm crossing my fingers for the worst-case-scenario not to happen. My nose has been really itchy I could've sworn I would pull it off and send it for healing if I could! But perhaps, it is attributed from my sinusitis, though I have been taking the traditional medication regularly. Ah well, just a bad day today I guess!

Despite the cold, there is another PRIME sickness that has been 'haunting' me for the past 3 days or so and that is the ULSER aka the FISH eye sickness! I really didn't feel like eating at first when it happened, too bad I didn't bring along the Dexaltin Oral Aid with me, and the HEFTY price of the Oral Aid not of the same brand is just killing me, I would rather fast than buying it! Hihi I believe that this is a common sickness to us all, maybe I didn't drink too much water, it's just natural of me, the 'Ratu' Sakit, hihi.

So, because of the FISH EYE (or EYES, since there are TWO friggin spots, oucch, I know), I didn't really enjoy eating all the delicacies. It was like, instead of jovially SHOVING the food into my throat, I had to carefully MANEUVER the right position so as not to hit the marks, though it wasn't really successful, huhu. Imagine me eating (or maneuvering) the 'Nasi lemak antarabangsa' I had mentioned in my earlier post. I could've sworn I would rather stop eating spicy food FOREVER at that moment. But then again, we are Asians, and spice is just our thing. Hihi.

So today, I had to turn down the generous offer from my beloved schoolmates whom I have not met over the last 6 years or more, just to exercise self-control of myself. You know-lah, with the cold and the fish eyes, how more zombie-ish could I look? Hihi.

Right, so since I don't really blog daily, Imma tellin you what my plan is for the next few days. Originally, the plan for tomorrow, Monday, will be going for shopping for a new bag (I love bag, but not crazy over it, hihi) and maybe a new pants or denim. I'm thinking of a purple or blue skinny pants, what do you think? Let me know. I just have a thing for skinny pants, and adding splashes of colours to my wardrobe would simply be eye-candy-ingly ORGASMIC. Lol just kidding.

With the Padini Birthday Card I received that would entitle me to 30% discounts over normal priced items, I'm preparing a budget of at the most about MYR 330. About RM140 for the bag, RM89 for the skinny pants and maybe, RM100 for a new slack. The one I have now is quite USED already for the endeavor that was the practicum. Hihi. Yeah the amount seem daunting, isn't it? But after you minus 30%, the total would be just about RM230 y'all! That is like, RM100 discount or cash voucher I'll be getting. But then, I do want to buy a new pair of jeans at ROMP, since my favorite blue denim is kinda ripped already at the knee, and I am sOo NOT a Rempit, so yeah, that kind of fashion does not really grow on me, hihi.

But, since I doubt that I'll be in the pink of health by tomorrow of less than 24 hours, perhaps I would go on Tuesday or Wednesday. And since I am yet to have a companion to go with (thing is, I used to be able to go shopping alone before, suddenly that 'spirit' had died mysteriously), it would be safe to say that I would hopefully go by this week, and NOT the weekend. I just hate weekend with all the crowds and the posers and the attention-seekers. Hihi.

On a more serious note, I need to start working on my Academic Exercise (AE), the Faculty of Education's 'version' of thesis, and I am hoping to start working on the first three chapters by this Thursday so that I could meet my supervisor for the very first time. I know, we were supposed to consult the supervisor at the beginning of the semester, but practicum just took the better off me.

Well, till then, have a great time, people! *Achoo!* Urghh, I really need to be freed from this sickness.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thank God It's Friday indeed ~_~

Hello bloggie! How ore ya feeling tday? Hope you're in the pink of health.

Well today, my 'day' actually started at night when my family and I went beraya to my Pak Lang's house in Taman Harmonis in Gombak (do you know where it is? hihi). There were two reasons that made my 'day' (or night, lol) :

Numero uno, being able to eat 'nasi impit kuah kacang'. FYI, this is the one delicacy I have been craving ever since the first day of raya, sadly my mum didn't make it this year, only 'lontong', so yeah, thank God, finally the craving had been satisfied. Alhamdulillah!

Number two, well, that was to get the 'duit raya' from my Pak Lang eventho I am literally old already, hihi, I hate figures (don't ask me to do the math. Get the joke? Hihi). True to the saying, distance does make the heart grows fonder, haha since my Pak Lang is living further from my house while my Pak Itam who lives just a stone's throw away didn't give me any, so the saying must be true, haha.

But then, just when I thought that we should call it a day, my brother-in-law who drove the car, decided on a whim to take us 'makan angin' to Kuala Lumpur, the city of lights and because we were hungry, decided to take us to have the famous 'Nasi lemak antarabangsa' in Kampung Baru. I was like, yeah, I've been there with friends, but never with family, so this oughta be awkward, hihi. Turned out that the experience was rather 'ambivalent', haha, quite nice though, since the food was on the bro-in-law, hey, who doesn't like free lunch (or supper in this case) kan? Hihi.

But wait, the story didn't end there. To top the experience off, we went 'beraya' to my aunt's house in Kampung Baru. She was a divorcee to my uncle who is my mum's older brother, but she was never any lesser nice to us all, so we felt very much at home. And yeah, I took a liking on my cousin, so hawt now, my taste, hihi. The visit was more like taking a stroll down the memory lane, reminiscing on the years prior to the divorce and separation and whatnot, but the memory is indeed THICKER than blood, and as we know, blood is thicker than water. So yeah, it doesn't take a blood relationship (or a marriage) to bond us together, good things shall never go unrewarded, that is so true.

All in all, today I felt very happy and very enlightened as well, to discover how the things I had learnt in Literature about the Asian society is VERY true. We Asians, is not an overstatement when I say this, are very concerned on TWO things:

Number one being marriage, as in there is an invisible line or point of age where people around you are so gonna pop up the question to you, and such casualty IS what makes us, well, Asian.

Number two is almost definitely, status. Status comes in the form of occupation in particular, or education if you are still studying. We can and must never deny that we ARE, indeed, our parents' prized possessions, and instead of being in-denial and rebellious about it, I found it to be more comforting and fulfilling if we just embrace it and make it to be a win-win situation, even if on our side we're not actually winning. But, what do we have to lose for? Nada, isn't it?

Well, this raya especially since it's 2009 and I'm turning 24, no more teeny weeny teenagers, has made me realized that life is too short to be dwelling on trivial matters. It is better for me to become like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde than being the Phantom of the Opera, who lives and dies unnoticed.

I want to live my life to the fullest, even if it takes living a double life or summat. In the end, I want to be happy without compromising of any other person's happiness. Let it be a win-win situation.

Till then, kampai (cheers!) XOXO.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Refurbished. Wee ~

Yeah so I finally have the 'heart' to blog again, though it's still rather superficial, hihi.

Right, so what had 'happened' to me these past 4 days of Raya? Well, I would say not much. Not even in the greatest health to enjoy the celebration, but hey, that's who I am, a 'Ratu' Sakit, hihi my friends are entirely aware of this notorious reputation of mine.

Regardless, I still have the heart to have a makeover of my room and yeah, I got myself a new desk, wardrobe and a mirror, now my room looks more 'alive' than dead, hihi. It cost me almost 200 for that, and I didn't get much Duit Raya this year, so yeah, I'm pretty much living on a shoestring budget. lol

For so long this blog has not had a picca to brighten up the space, so maybe, just maybe, I shall blog about my past 2 months ++ experience of my practicum. Particularly on my 'beloved' EFEKTIF classes, which are not so effective, lol, 'coz there are quite a number of their picca with me, perhaps I should upload them to Flickr or summat. Yeah, that oughta do it.

Okay, I'm sleepy now since it's 3:33 am now, yeah the figures are kewl, the biological clock is not, hihi.

Tomorrow, my family and I might go to Ampang to visit my uncle and his family. If I have the 'mood' to snap picca and upload them, you'll know them all from this bloggie.

Till then, good night. Or should I say, good morning? ~_~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let Us Mind Our Language ;)

Hello people ~

Wow it sure had been quite a while since I was away on hiatus. Thing is, there was some 'complication' that had to be settled and thankfully, it was settled ;) I have to thank God for that. Now finally I feel the festive mood.

Of course, even while I was away, I still had time to browse through, read (skim and scan, lol) some of your blogs. To blackmonoakanad, I still don't recognize your face ! A little hint would do ;) To others, well, now should be the 'right' time to pay more attention to your GRAMMAR now that Dr. Grammar (ehem2) is here, should it not?

Well this is rather disorganized, but I would like to pinpoint on a few 'mistakes' that didn't quite manage to escape my sight ;)

1) The -ed

Of course, the simplest rule that we know of the ed's would be the past tense form. Other than that, we also use the ed's when it involves some other forms. For example:

* This is rather disorganized (refer above)

* I am called Teacher Irwan

* Choo has waited for Hari Raya to arrive for almost a year now ;)

* Sharmla had blogged her last entry a few days ago ;)

* Nawarzir 'Nintama' Jay is excited (excite + ed) to go back to his kampung ;)

* Nad 'Blackmono' Imtiyaz is interested in English ;)

* Teacher Irwan is liked by all except his own Efektif students (LOL)

So, do you see now when the ed's are used? How can you tell if someone ask you, 'Why do you use (or add) -ed to the sentence?

Well, apart from the SIMPLE past tense rule, we can also look at the kind of sentence. You DO know that there are two (2) kinds of sentences, do you not?

So, what are they?


I'm waiting...;)
Alright. Let me just give you the answer, shall I?

The two kinds of sentences are...*drumroll please*

1) Active sentences

2) Passive sentences

I would venture into more details regarding those two, but at present it is sufficient for me to say that the arrangement of the part of speech (look for the eight part of speech that is the grammar) largely determines whether a sentence is an active or a passive sentence.

For instance, let's take from one of the examples I had provided above.

* Teacher Irwan is liked by all except his Efektif students.

This sentence is a PASSIVE sentence. How do we know? Because now the subject (All except his Efektif students) is at the end of the sentence while the object (Teacher Irwan) is now at the beginning.

So how do we change the sentence back to its ACTIVE form?

I give you the active form first.

All except his Efektif student LIKE Teacher Irwan.

Do you see now that the -ed has gone?

This is because active sentence SHOULD NOT have the ed's. Unless it is in PAST TENSE.

Therefore, sentence such as I called Nawarzir is wrong. It should be I am called Nawarzir. In active form, it should be Call me Nawarzir. ;)

Don't get me started on the non-action aka the linking aka the 'be' verb. That may be later.

For now, how about you people attempt the remaining examples? See if you can change them into their active form.

Post a comment on THIS entry, not on the chatbox if you feel like doing so.

Till then, HAPPY learning, because English is FUN!

p/s: Happy Raya everyone. Forgive me physically and mentally+spiritually.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A snippet of a post.

Hello people. Yeah from now on, let's not use the term guys, shall we? Because it's very gender-based. English is a gender-based language you know. Words like Salesman, Businessman, are but a few examples of gender-based language which the word itself dictate the gender of the user or the receiver of the word. That was of course fine in MEDIEVAL times when it was indeed MEN who toiled their hard work and labour and consequently reaped the fruit of their sows, but nowadays, it's just IRRELEVANT.

Just so you know, GUYS are for male, GIRLS are for female, so let's not mix them up, shall we?


Just an update, I had just finished my post-practicum, where we had seminar and presentations. I could now take a breather or two for a while before preparing myself to write two assignments to be submitted by 16th of Sept, next week.

Right, that's about it. Make sure not to OVERgeneralize the word 'guys', okay!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Of Fasting, Hiatus and Holiday

Hello! We meet again. Ah it had been more than a fortnight since I was 'away' and though I do have lots to say, not entirely will be divulged, nor that my cohesive link will do me wonders anyway. Heh.

So here's how it goes. In the blink of an eye, I have almost completed my practicum training in SMK Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. By almost I mean that this week shall be the last week to endure with the children's tantrums and their oh-so-raging-hormones. LOL indeed. It felt short, and yet it felt long as well to endure coming to school again after 7 years of bidding goodbye to the premise that is the school. But through thick and thin, and mostly, through me mingling around with a certain bunch from my own class (1 and 2 Efektif) and the other classes (mostly of 2 Budi's, a few from 1 Gigih's), they never fail to make my smile. That oughta keep the sanity in check.

So well, wadyaknow, fasting month has arrived yet again. Have u made amends (ganti) your 'days of leave' from fasting the previous year? LOL what a community service message. So far, I have never had troubles (or twoubles, as Ming Ming from Wonderpets would say it) even though I am an asthmatic. Though there would be times when I would wake up and feel a slight tight on my chest, I would cough the notion away and clear my respiratory system once again.

The reason why I had been on 'hiatus' was perhaps largely due to the fact that I used to blog before, and, at one point, I came to the conclusion that blogging was not all that fun as I was keen on getting comments as I view of them as signs of my entries being read, so it wasn't fun >.<. Okay, that WAS pathetic. Not anymore. With the advent of chatbox (cewah), the least is I could know who's who and who's dropping by.

What initiated me to blog again was the joy and delight beaming from the atmosphere of this 'blogosphere' where friends and peers could 'mingle' at and laugh to their heart's content. So, I decided to re-join this platform in the hopes of being able to touch and be touched by some good Samaritan's pieces of writing, to chuckle me up, to de-stress myself and who knows, to be able to learn some bulls' eyes points on life and everything it is about. Okay, stop this melancholia. LOL

Most importantly, I wish that this platform would enable me to reach out the young folks of Malaysian whose command of English is below commendable, and that I could actually do something about it. Not much, tiny weeny bit would do. As I had been 'lecturing' the students of 2 Imtiyaz today (1st of Sept, 09), there are TWO aspects of learning just about any language and they are...*drumroll*


Accuracy, the abstract noun from which the adjective accurate is derived, centers around being able to speak right. That is, to speak correctly. But wait, it does not revolve just around this one skill of the four. It encompasses all the four skills of LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING and WRITING of which having a good accuracy (or being an accurate speaker) would assist greatly in the organization of the discourse for the sake of communication and many more.

The question is, HOW? How to achieve the accuracy of that of a proficient language user?

Through grammar, that's how! I more often that not equate grammar to the mathematical formula in the sense that both works to serve as a theoretical framework from which the two would function as a result of. Without grammar as the BUILDING BLOCKS, you can liken the scenario to putting together the jigsaw puzzle with loadsa pieces missing and went haywire. There oughta be loopholes and there could never be sufficient patchwork that would mend the 'here and there' holes. It's like..(this is embarassing) 'gali lubang, tutup lubang'. 'Nuff said.

From my hour-long relief class with 2 Imtiyaz, I further posed question of 'what would be the second stage, after one has 'graduated' from the first stage?' I gave out the obvious hint of the F word (not the swear, that I can assure you) which in BM holds the same initial. And the doa reciter (again, does this word exist?? LOL) quickly managed to spot the signal and yes, it was FASIH or being FLUENT. After all, wouldn't it make sense that after one has mastered the grammar (or anywhere near that stage), one would have little difficulty in mixing and matching the puzzles to make sentences almost effortlessly? By right, when the first stage has been cleared, slowly one would have picked up the pace towards being AUTOMATIC.

Yes, fluency is all about being AUTOMATIC. Having the similar natural 'ability' of that of the native language, where you need not think of what to say next. It's as if the words just flow like WATER. How I love that statement. LOL.

Having said that, I honestly believe that the grave situation befallen the young Malaysian nowadays is that of a mixture of inappropriate input and lack or almost nonexistent of output. Input comes from the surrounding, mainly from the other speakers. And what would be the benefit of having the other speakers, who are somewhat narcissistic, over-the-top (OTT) display of 'monologue' and hardly bother to slow down their pace, or use simpler language? I learn from learning linguistics back in the varsity that the 'missing' elements were the exact elements from which we learn (or ACQUIRE) or first language. The simplified speech that we heard in the early part of our lives serve as providing the right input to match our then-lack of knowledge and understanding of language. This crucial element, one that is called CHILD-DIRECTED SPEECH (not PARENT, pardon me) is called as that as it serves the main function of that to direct child to 'absorb' the language.

To compare that blissful situation and the one most second language learners is facing right now is farfetched and downright utopic to even have the slighest hope of them being able to pick up the pace of the highly-structured language that only those with considerable fluency manage to grasp, definitely not the case with us, what's with our tabula rasa blank state of mind. That's about it for now.

The effect is totally detrimental. Having been scared over the sounds of those highly 'sophisticated' bombastic lavish extravagant structure of a language, all hopes wither and fade away. Which being the perhaps main reason of the PHOBIA of the language, of mainly SPEAKING with that Malay tongue of yours to pronounce the then-colonial language of ours. Unless this vicious cycle is broken or the learners suddenly received some newfound courage and some fresh new perspectives, it is highly unlikely that the history won't repeat itself.

To end this entry, I'd like to share on how I started on my venture to speak. No I wasn't that blessed to having been living overseas and blending in with the culture and language. And I wasn't all that young and innocent (LOL) when I first started to WANTING to speak as well. I was 16 by the time a beautiful magnificent sight caught my attention, when my peer was there on the stage emceeing an English event I could hardly remember now. It was then that I started having the itch to wanting to be able to speak so effortlessly like her.

So, what DID I do?

Like any other training, I began with training my 'weapon of choice' - my TONGUE. (What were you thinking?? LOL). What I did was I trained my tongue to be able to flex considerably enough prior to me actually trying to produce the language and finding the outlet and channel to actually be able to SPEAK, and not to READ. And before long (or simply, to make long story cut short, LOL), here I am, taking B.Ed. TESL, undergoing practicum (which is almost over, o yeah!) and always looking for opportunity to speak, especially by giving 'back' the channel or outlet for the students for them to practice. The rest, the honors, well, all lie on you. YOU decide. Either you get fluent, or die trying (sounds like 50 Cent la plak, LOL).

So that's it. Any longer than I shall be deprived of my nap. Till then, later!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reincarnation : Blast from the past.

I had this wonderful stretched conversation with few of 2 Budi's students today (12th Aug, 09) that it really made my day. I started thinking of my life at school isn't as terrible as I deem it to be.

It started off on 15th of June, 09 where the four of us (me, Fazrina, Mahazawati and Noraidah) learnt the 'verdict' that us four would be assigned to the afternoon session. "Oh great. Just great". I remembered saying that 'chant' to myself repeatedly, aggrieved by the fact that I'd be served with the lower secondary tantrums and antics for the next 3 months. Easy to say, I was appalled. Gone was the dream of teaching serious literature to serious bunch. Along came the aptitude which I need to garner, invest and harvest in with the to-be students I was about to be 'endowed' with.

I remembered being such a nervous wreck on the first day (or week, so to speak) that I dreaded the unasked 'limelight' even for just a short while when the afternoon supervisor, Puan Rose Aliza announced that we introduced ourselves before the kids during my very first assembly in like, 7 years after leaving school. It was dreadful. I had this 'thing' with microphone that I don't actually fancy. Well the truth is, I hate how my voice sounds and the feeling just gets worse when I am talking through the mic. Needless to say, with all the pairs of eyes staring and peering at the then-stranger me, I didn't have the courage to look at them with poise and ease. Instead, the whole experience was a flop that I simply wished it didn't happen.

Sadly, it did.

I remembered being assigned to my very first relief class of 2 Gigih and how the experience was daunting. I remembered how they were displaying their usual antics and how awkward I felt of the 'culture shock'. Yeap, to quote from the conversation I had had with them students earlier today, I was one of those so-called top class students (the class, not me) and therefore, I hadn't really had genuine experience of mingling and interacting with the boisterous kind. I was appalled, choked, asphyxiated - you name it, I had it. Thing is, I also has this ever-problem of adjusting my volume of voice to fit the surrounding. Truth be told, I am not really a chatterbox kind of person and that I am really a taciturn back at home.

So when nature called for the 'Ooo-of-the-Tarzan', I realized that I had raised the white flag wayy earlier before the battle.

Score: 1 - 0.

As I picked up the pace, a 'tragedy' hit me when I became the victim of snatch-theft just the 2nd week of practicum. Yea I became 'popular' alright. Ahh..the unwanted attention I never ask for. Classic. Once 'popular', always 'popular' they say? I wish.

The 'bloody' incident took place along the pedestrian walkway nearby the Kompleks Belia Shah Alam and it just had to be when I was rushing to make ends meet (or to arrive on time). There were two things that had shaken off all the suspicion altogether over the then potential snatchers.

Numero uno (number one) : The snatcher, who sat beside the driver's seat walked out of the car to 'act' his lines.

Number two : There was a student not far behind me, so I wasn't exactly alone with the ill-behaved civilian.

Long story cut short, the whole act of asking for direction to Section 11 ended abruptly when those idiots mistook my carrying bag to contain a laptop when there wasn't any at the time. I was aghast, in shock and disbelief over the totally unexpected turn of event which started off with my intention on being a good Samaritan. Though the physical loss were puny, it was the heart that was shaken that it gave me rather a slight trauma to walk by the walkway for quite a time. Then again, life has to go on.

I guess that's it for now. The first two weeks of practicum considered covered. Till next time, observe the grammar, y'all!