Monday, November 21, 2011

Tadaima (a long overdued post)

When I finally decided to have a look at this ancient diary (or not), I couldn't help but feeling all too nostalgic over the long abandonment. Pardon me, dear chronicles. Too many life stories: of the goods, the bads and the whatnots.

Is it coincidental that I decided to re-blog just as the second semester is ending, and that final exam is approaching? I'd rather think not. The only reason I'm venting here is that I couldn't vent it otherwise outside. Nor that the thought of being judged as irrational by the irrational people itself sounds ever appealing. Ah well.

Worklife has been a steady bitch that tails you and wait to steal things away from yours truly. Despite it being nonchalantly a bore, a mediocre one at that, of waking up as early as 6 and commuting to and fro work without fail, working in the center feels as if I were living in a vacuum, of some kind of blackhole, where life and vigor are simply sucked out of your persona.

Ain't one to dwell too meticulously on details nor do I have the time to be mulling over such trivialities. The point is, I'm back blogging, and God knows when the next post will be published.

Here's a succinct extract of what my life has become of:

1) Finally bought an iPhone 4 White
2) Still have my PSP, now is clad in red silicone
3) Sold and bought Bold 2, the ever-trusted chat-addicted socialista-cum-whore
4) In the midst of 2nd semester of doing Master's Degree
5) Have been dilly-dallying on 2 PROJECT PAPERS (yeap, not ONE!) and a proposal
6) Will be presenting on Method Review assignment in the Research Methodology class this Thursday, 24/11/11, 6 - 9 pm
7) Will be dating Mr. Hubby (the other one, yes, bigamous, much) this Friday, fingers crossed
8) Will be trying hard to cross out and scratch off the assignments off the list, by hook or by crook
9) This week is Week 10 of the semester, and just 2 more weeks for presentation of Research Proposal, which still remains an idea with very little materialization
10) Will do backtracking for the project papers aka multitasking aka desperate attempt at making amends to the big P - procrastination.

Well, blogging simply takes too much time, eh?

Till next time,