Tuesday, November 3, 2009

30 Days of Hiatus.

Urghh I am so lazy to start working on my thesis. I haven't even narrowed down the scope nor have I met the supervisor.

Holiday is simply 'holy' for me. So much for holier than thou attitude, much?

The good thing is, netcon has been restored after more than 2 weeks of nightmarish snail-like feed. I have borrowed books from PTAR to scrutinize at, only successful in flipping over 1 over 8 titles, and now am bringing 3 or 4 of them with me to Shah Alam to do quick browsing through and jotting down of notes and anecdotes before returning them back. Tho the due date is not until the 10th, I will be in Kajang from the 9th until God-knows-when to resume the role of 'guardian' to my sister and her bb while her hubby goes back to his hometown.

As much as I resent being there, I also love it at the same time for the abundant and lavish connection which allows me to download all the movies, video clips and songs without having to worry of the LIMITED bandwidth that I'm allowed with (think only 3gb of this s2pid broadband and you'll get the idea).

And for that reason, I have to stop this rambling or it'll consume the 'precious' bandwidth for my doses of mangas, gossips (lol) and infos and trivia powered by Google (promote jap ;p). Before I take my leave, just wanna say CONGRATULATIONS to my ex and not-so-ex students of 2 Budi, 2 Imtiyaz, and 1 and 2 Efektif (if they ever read this, d'oh). I miss you peeps a heaps. Perhaps I ought to apply for 'Guru Ganti' next year after I finish my Degree and while waiting for the convocation.

I guess I'll see you for your PMR then? All the luck and love in the world to you all!

p/s: To Jake Firdaus, good luck and all the best for your final examination as well. <3