Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Well whadyaknow -I'm back at this sphere. Phew. Today was hectic. Tomorrow shall be more. Only today can I enjoy some peace of mind at home. Then again, the feeling could be premature, so NO, I sure dont want it be jynxed. Think I'm suffering from a mild case of Facebook withdrawal. Pathetic - I know. This longing for attention is so 2000. Got some more marking to do. And yeah, got cake today, so called post bday celebration. I dont rven know whether to br happy about it. FAKE people are everywhere and every when. At least I know the cake wasn't one.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

On-the-go debut

Who would've thought that blogging via phone is so simple these days? It's all thanks to my trusted FABULOUS phablet - Samsung Galaxy Note. Not even an iPad nor a Galaxy Tab could outclass this trusted device that I've been holding dearly. Thinking of blogging again from now on. Only time will tell. Till then, ja mata kimasu! ~_~ ♥♡★☆

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome back.

Ah yes. The phrase I often utter honestly and yet is always received jokingly. Months in hiatus - almost 4 to be exact, it rings a bell on me that I seriously need to pick up blogging again. After almost 2 years of teaching English in this center, it dawns on me that to teach Writing to the bunch is futile; and me resisting the fact is more futile. It is almost a joke to think that hard work and perseverance would win in such circumstance; needless to say, slowly but surely I am beginning to rest on the armchair, critisizing in a more, if not the most subtle way of their barely recognized 'essays' - otherwise known as regurgitation of the bits and pieces - or better yet, of garggling and spitting out the bare essence.

I am aspired to feel, be, act and behave like water.

Said my inner self.

Folly is an understatement to describe my firing up of wanting the better, if not the best out of them, only to get fired back. I realise, after a series of heated, nonsensical, pointless unfortunate events that fire breeds only fire. Of angst, frustration and disappointment - of being called narcissistically hard-headed. Of the ironic of being told that I am condescending in a condescending manner. Of being labelled, somehow or rather, a liar - a maker of 'stories'. Of being distrusted. Of being ridiculed.

Above all, I realise that when all else fails - when the world seems to turn its back on you, when you do not seem to escape from being hated just by passing by this temporary destination, that He is all there is - The One and Only that you need.

The world is hopeless. The society is judgmental. The people are being saints.


This is me, welcoming myself back.